Subscription dues are just like a magazine subscription. It gives you 365 days of membership in the VFW. With this being the first year that they are coming into effect it will be a process that we are not use to. The basic breakdown of what is going to happen is:

If you are an annual member and you pay your dues before Jan your expiration will be Jan 2015. If you pay after that date whatever day your dues are processed at National will be the new expiration date. Example would be that you send in your dues to National on 1 Feb 2015 and National processed them on the 15 Feb. Your new expiration date would be 15 Feb 2016.

Annual membership Dues $34 and due on the anniversary of the date you joined the VFW or the date of annual renewal.

County  V A Representative is a member of our Post.
Please contact our Post, during office hours, to set up an appointment.

History of the blue stars

During World War I, Army Captain Robert L. Queisser sought a way to honor his sons’ military service. Other families soon adopted his blue-star flag to indicate active duty service in the war. Sadly, many also displayed gold stars on those flags, symbolizing the death of the service member. The Department of Defense eventually authorized the display of the flags during times when the country is engaged in hostilities or war.


History of the gold stars

The gold star represents a family member killed during active duty and stands for sacrifice made for honor and freedom. Banners, also called service flags, containing two gold stars indicates two service members from that particular family were killed in combat. For families who've made the ultimate sacrifice, displaying the banners year-round is a solemn way to honor and pay tribute to their loved one(s).